9th Kup - Yellow Stripe


Chun ji

-19 movements

Basic Techniques


Basic punches (jab-cross-hook-uppercut)*Hooking kick*L-stance middle block


Self Defense Techniques


#1: one hand wrist grab -           





#2: One hand wrist grab -          






#3: One hand Wrist grab -                                                     


-Reverse grab and step away (angle towards held hand) using outside. Use inside leg to tackle sweep and inside arm for reverse knife hand strike taking opponent down. Continue holding wrist while striking (punch) to face.

- Reverse grab using two hands while stepping away (angle) with outside leg. Spin under arm and behind opponent. Hold arm straight and place inside arm on opponents shoulder and elbow pushing down and walking forward causing takedown.

-Reverse grab with two hands while stepping back with outside leg pulling opponent off balance. Step in with same lag spinning under opponents arm then pull straight down causing take down the strike (punch) to face.

Step Sparring


3 Step Sparring -




1 Step Sparring - Middle punch -



1 Step Sparring - Middle punch -  

-Practice facing opponent while attacking forward 3xs middle punch walking stance and defending backwards 3xs middle block walking stance then counter reverse punch.

-Step back L-stance inner forearm middle block. Counter front leg side kick.

-Step back L-stance outer forearm middle block. Counter 180 back kick.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -



Practical -


-Turning kick (high), alternate leg 180 back kick (middle).


-Side kick front leg (middle) alternate leg 180 back kick. Flying punch.