Student Information

Private Classes!

FTKDA now has private  lessons available to currently enrolled students. The class will be an hour and 30 minute long session that will cover whatever categories that the student is interested in going over. This includes (but not limited to) Patterns, Sparring, Self defense, Stretching and conditioning, etc.

Daily "Home Work" Exercise Regimen!

No more EXCUSES! No more LAZINESS! Our health and physical well being should be important to us, but for some reason it always seems to take a "back seat" to the other things going on in our lives! As Martial Artist (in general) and Taekwondo practitioners (in particular), we should be practicing to develop our art every moment of everyday, but sometimes we forget how important it is to maintain our equipment (Dallyon)!

Sparring Gear

If you need sparring gear or wish to get a new set be sure to put in your order with Sabumnim JaSon Floyd ASAP. For The Warrior Within (FFTW) and Martial Arts Depot (MAD - with FTKDA logo) are available in red and blue.

Sizes Available

Fairmount TKD Academy T-Shirts

There are still a limited amount of FTKDA T-shirts available. If you still want or need a  T-shirt for training in the summer time weather or just to wear casually, make sure you inform me as soon as possible before they are all gone. Another order will not be placed any time in the foreseeable future.

Available T-Shirts