4th Kup - Blue Belt


Joong Gun

-32 Movements

Basic Techniques


Twin vertical punch*Twin upset punch*Angle punch*L-stance reverse knife hand block*Rear stance upward palm*U-shape block*Rising X-block*Pressing block (high/low)


Self Defense Techniques


#1: Front two hand grab -



#2: Rear two hand grab -



#3: Side two hand on one pull -

-All free grab self defense techniques are based on a front grab, rear grab and side or angle grab (for each rank). One primary defense for each grab will be at the discretion of the instructor. Subsequent defense techniques will be shown as training progresses.

Step Sparring


2 Step Sparring - Attack with front kick (rear leg) double step reverse punch.



1 Step Sparring - 180 Reverse-



1 Step Sparring - Downward kick


1 Step Sparring - High Punch-

-Defend with Walking stance low knife hand block then stepping back into L-stance inward high (inner) forearm block. Counter jumping turning kick.

-Defend with twin high vertical block or inward defensive crescent kick.

-Defend with rising X-block or spin evade.

-Rising X-block into wrist trap. Spin under (left) into Walking stance back hand strike to kidneys then tackle sweep reverse knife hand.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -



Practical -


-Twisting kicks low, middle and high alternating legs.


-Twisting kick (front leg) low into jab cross then downward kick.