8th Kup - Yellow Belt


Dan Gun


-21 Movements

Basic Techniques


Back kick* L-stance Knife hand strike(outward)*Rising Block (outer forearm)*Knife hand Guarding block*Twin forearm block

-Continuous motion

Self Defense Techniques


#1: one hand wrist grab -            






#2: One hand wrist grab  -           



#3: One hand Wrist grab  -                                                    


-Reverse grab and step away (angle towards held hand) using outside leg. Holding opponents wrist with both hands spin under and behind. Use top hand to grab collar. Pull down and kick behind opponent’s leg causing take down. Strike (punch) to face.

-Turn wrist up and rotate away while sliding back causing release. Slide body forward while performing (high - outward) knife hand strike.

-Reverse grab with two hands shifting body forward into rear stance while thrusting opponents elbow into mid section. Pivot inward taking opponents arm and over their head then pull straight down causing take down.

Step Sparring


3 Step Sparring -



1 Step Sparring - High punch -


1Step sparring – High punch -

-Use knife hand strike attacks (L-stance outward and Walking stance downward). Defend using knife guarding block and rising block.

-Step back L-stance knife hand guarding block. Counter turning kick (front leg).

-Step back into Walking stance rising block. Counter with reverse punch.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -




Practical -


-Side kick (front leg) into L-stance knife hand strike (outward). Change stance to Walking stance while performing reverse punch. Turning kick (high) back leg into knife hand guarding block.

-Knife hand strike (front hand) side kick (front leg) 180 back kick into reverse punch.