5th Kup - Blue Stripe


Yul Gok

-38 Movements

Basic Techniques


Arch hand defensive hooking block*Front elbow strike*skipping X-stance back fist*Double forearm block

-Checking distance

-Natural motion

-Fast motion

-Connecting motion

Self Defense Techniques


#1: Front guillotine choke -



#2: Rear choke hold -



#3: Side head lock -

-All free grab self defense techniques are based on a front grab, rear grab and side or angle grab (for each rank). One primary defense for each grab will be at the discretion of the instructor. Subsequent defense techniques will be shown as training progresses.

Step Sparring


2 Step Sparring - Attack with front kick (rear leg) into high punch.



1 Step Sparring - Side kick -


1 Step Sparring - 180 Back kick -


1 Step Sparring - High punch -

-Defend X-pressing block into X-rising block. Trap wrist then spin under (braking arm on shoulder). Elbow strike mid section then take down. Strike (downward knife hand) to opponent’s neck.

-Defend with middle block or upward palm rear stance.

-Evade and defend with inner forearm or knife hand.

-Inward (high) block trapping arm then spin around and behind while performing elbow strike to spine or kidneys. Hook arm around neck causing take down then strike (punch) to face.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -




Practical -


-Jumping Side kick into guarding block then Jumping 180 Back kick into guarding block.


-Jumping 180 Back kick (fading away). Flying punch then stepping past side kick.