3rd Kup - Red Stripe


Toi Gye

-37 Movements

Basic Techniques


Low upset finger tip thrust* Flat finger tip thrust*W-shape block*Jumping X-stance X-pressing block.

-Slow motion techniques

Self Defense Techniques


#1: Front tackle take down -



#2: Rear Full Nelson -



#3: Side bear hug -

-All free grab self defense techniques are based on a front grab, rear grab and side or angle grab (for each rank). One primary defense for each grab will be at the discretion of the instructor. Subsequent defense techniques will be shown as training progresses.

Step Sparring


2 Step Sparring – Attack with double step reverse punch into low front kick.-


1 Step Sparring - Low twisting kick-

1 Step Sparring - 180 reverse kick-

1 Step Sparring - Middle punch -

-Defend with L-stance outward forearm block then side checking kick. Counter 180 Back kick.

-Defend with low knife hand guarding block or low inward reverse knife hand.

-Defend with W-shape block or high defensive crescent kick.

-Outward middle block into low upset thrust then downward kick.

Combination Techniques



Fundamental -

Practical -


-Downward kick (rear leg) then jumping 180 reverse turning kick alternating legs.

-Lunging jab (or X-stance back fist) fade away 180 Back kick into same leg side kick then jab cross.