10th Kup - White Belt

10th Kup



4 Directional Punch (Sa ju jurigi)


4 Directional Block (Sa Ju maki)

-14 movements


-16 movements

Basic Techniques


Front kick*Turning kick*Side kick Walking stance middle punch*Sitting stance middle punch*Walking Stance low block*Walking stance low knife hand block


Self Defense Techniques


#1: one hand wrist grab -            



#2: One hand wrist grab -            


#3: One hand Wrist grab -                                                   


- Release to wrist lock, apply pressure in and downward. Strike with knee to face.          

 - Release to opposite hand knife hand strike.                                                             - Release to wrist lock turning the hand away from and elbow into opponent’s body causing takedown. Place knee into opponent’s side (ribs) and strike (punch) to opponents face.

Step Sparring


3 Step Sparring -




1 Step Sparring - High punch-


1 Step Sparring - High punch-


-Practice checking distance, walking stance middle punch 3xs forward and walking stance middle block 3xs backwards.

- Evade to right (hands up in guard), front kick front leg.

- Evade to left (hands up in guard), left hand cross to face.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -



Practical #1-


Practical #2-

-Front kick (rear leg) into front punch (sine wave), reverse punch. 2xs alternating legs.

-Front kick (front leg) into jab then cross (punches).

-Jab then cross into turning kick (low, middle or high)