7th Kup - Green Stripe


Do San

-24 Movements

Basic Techniques


Back fist (front hand and 180)*180 back kick*Straight finger tip thrust* High side outer forearm block*Twin wedging block

-Fast motion techniques

-Releasing techniques

-Spot turn stepping

Self Defense Techniques


#1: One hand wrist grab -





#2: One hand wrist grab across -





#3: One hand wrist grab across -

-Bring grabbed hand up and secure opponents wrist to your chest. Place opposite hand on opponents elbow then quickly slide/interchange hands keeping opponents hand secured. Pull inside of opponents elbow to apply pressure to opponent’s trapped wrist.

-Place opposite hand on top of opponents securing it in place. Turn grabbed hand over placing all fingers atop of opponent’s wrist. Apply pressure down while striking (with knee) to face.

-Turn held hand under opponents while stepping in an angle towards opponent striking the elbow. Follow through with strike then wrapping arm around inside of opponent’s neck causing take down.

Step Sparring


3 Step Sparring -



1 Step Sparring - High punch -


1 Step Sparring -  High punch -

-Attacking with kicks (Front, Turning and Side). Defend with low, high and middle blocks.

-Step back into high side block (outer forearm) walking stance. Counter with reverse punch.

-Evade attack by dropping to one knee outside of opponents strike. Counter turning kick (middle section) then sweeping kick (same leg) causing take down.

Combination Techniques


Fundamental -



Practical -


-Skipping Side kick, alternate leg 180 reverse hooking kick into guarding block.


-Hooking kick (front leg) placing kicking foot down next to rear foot while stepping back with rear foot and simultaneously perform reverse punch. Back fist (front hand) then side kick (front leg).