November Newsletter 2018


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Publisher Volume Number Issue Number Date
Sabumnim JaSon Floyd IX #11

November  2018









Dates and Upcoming Events


Testing:  To be annouced


Breaking Class: N/A


Private sessions: Potential openings are for Saturday the...

  • N/a


  • N/A




  • N/A



Sparring Class: Sabumnim Sutton's Saturday Sparring classes... Open to all ages and rank. Fee is a $5 donation. Class starts at 3pm. Located at Juniata Fitness 4401 G St.

This months Sparring Class: TBA


No Class:

  • Oct. 13th, Oct. 22 and Oct. 24th



  • N/A



News and Information

Student of the month:

  • Samuel Figueroa

Welcome new student(s) :

  • N/A


Welcome back:

  • N/A



ATFI/ITF Membership: It is mandatory for all students to become members of the ATFI/ITF. The applications are in. If you are not yet a member get on it ASAP!


General Info: All Students should be in the proper uniform at all times at all times inside the Do jang. No jewelry, patches on Do bok and only WHITE T-SHIRTS are to be seen under uniform. Make sure your pants are properly hemmed for safety. All yellow stripes and higher must have sparring gear!

Face book page: If you have a face book page be sure to be come a fan of the do jang's page for schedules, information videos/pics and last minutes changes!


Home Work / Exercise Regimen: Remeber STUDENTS... don't stop using the workout charts. Dallyon!


Quote of the Month:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most cetain way to suceed is always try just more time.

Thomas A. Edison